How to Shoot Craps and improve your odds of winning

How to Shoot Craps and get more numbers

Easiest way to lose at craps is by shaking the dice and throwing it down the craps table

You've seen this in movies/tv a million times.
The guy asks the pretty girl next to him to kiss the dice.
Then for some reason he shakes the dice real good - making sure the dice are purely random.
Then with a loud holler, wails the dice across the craps table - going all over the place.

If ever there was a way to just donate money to the casino - this is it.

Why is randomly shaking dice so bad? Why will you never win at craps in the long term?

To put it simply? You're ensuring that the natural probability of the dice will occur.
(Huh? That's 'simply'?)
Let me explain...

Casinos have paid lots of money to genius mathematicians to assure casinos always win

No matter how you play craps, the 7 is always beneficial to the casino and detrimental to the player.
Because the number 7 will come up more than any other number when the dice are rolled randomly.
So, if you play the Pass Line, then 7 only helps you during the Come Out Roll.
After the point is made - the 7 has more chances to come up than the point (or any other number).
And if you play the Don't Pass (DP/Darkside), then the 7 has more chances to kill your bet during the Come Out.
(Check out the Dice Rolling Probability chart on this website for a more in-depth explanation.

Add to this the fact that the casinos take a chunk of your winnings - and you have no hope of winning at craps
by shaking the dice as if you were playing Maracas, or something.
Yes, they take a chunk - it's how they make sure they always win.
For example, you're supposed to win $10 when you bet $5 on a 4 or 10.
But if you're Placing the number, you only get paid $9. They keep the $1.
You're probably thinking "$1? Who cares?". Well the more you play, the more the casino eats away at your money.
When you lose, the casino takes the whole thing. When they win, they keep a portion. No way to beat that, right?

rattan stick

The only way to beat craps is to know the 'Loop Hole' - enter Dice Control

Well, you can't exactly control the dice. I like how the Dice Coach refers to it - Dice Influence.
The 'Loop Hole' is the fact that the casino makes money from craps as long as the dice are perfectly random.
This is how their mathematicians made their calculations.
But what they didn't take into consideration is the possibility that if even one face of the dice never comes up -
the game of craps can be beat.
And how is this accomplished? The magical word is consistency.

Dice Consistency 101 - a few tips for beginners

That's the term I use with my students.
I believe it more accurately describes the goal than either Dice Control or Dice Influence
Here's a few tips you can use to start seeing a little difference in your dice rolling:
  • Learn Dice Setting and choose one set to start with
    A good beginner set is the Hard Ways. This is a good set for visual feedback
  • Keep the dice square on the table, parallel to, and facing the backwall
  • Before tossing the dice, visually choose a spot a few inches from the backwall to land your dice on.
    From now on, you'll do everything you can to hit that spot as often as you can
  • Gently toss the dice, as if trying to "swish" a basketball through a hoop.
    • When you're hand is 3/4 through the toss, spring open your hand - letting go of the dice
    • Make sure the dice are level in the air - not twisting around in weird directions
    • Spinning backward or forward is fine. Try to keep the dice looking as if they were glued together in the air
  • Observe how the dice land, react to the backwall, and how much they keep rolling after touching the backwall.
    I say touching the backwall, because you don't want to slam the dice into those pyramids.
  • Take a mental note of what the dice show when they come to a stop.
    If you're noticing that the dice are now rolling a certain combination more often - you're on your way
Keep in mind that if you roll a 6 twice in a row - it means little if one combination was 4+2 and the second one was 5+1. Just keep adjusting your throw to make sure the dice land softly on target, lightly touch the backwall,
and comes to a complete stop as quickly as possible (no bouncing around all over the craps table).

A quick check to see if you're still random

An easy way to tell if you're still random is if you're throwing all kinds of 7's.
For example, if you keep shooting a 6+1, but no 5+2's - this is good.
You may have limited the 5+2 from showing up together.
When you set your hardway set, move the 6 to either the 5 or 2 spot.
Keep setting your dice this way, and see if it helps.
If not, then readjust.
Repeat this process till you limit the kinds of 7's you see.

If you can accomplish this - you're on your way to a few longer rolls, which equates to more possible wins!

rattan stick

Is this going to make you millions now?

Heck no! You might just not lose as much.
If you're betting on other random shooters, you're back to square one.
Also, if you make silly proposition bets, and don't take advantage of the possible new probabilities your dice are showing -
you'll still lose.

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