How to win at craps is entirely up to you

How to win at craps: Free Craps Strategies

To win craps,gambling doesn't need to be involved at all. But there are basics you must adhere to.
(BTW: If you're new to craps, I made a cool craps trainer/craps simulator on how to play craps here)

The first step at knowing how to win at craps, without a doubt,
is limiting losses and learn craps rules.

It's kind of like getting the body you always wanted.
You exercise endlessly, but eat junk food daily and gain more weight.
It makes little difference if your exercise technique is that of a jedi master.
Learn to play craps correctly from the beginning, and you'll know how to win at craps and enjoy it so much more...

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How to win at craps begins with an expendable bankroll

Actually, this is how to win at gambling overall (ex. craps,roulette,black jack,slots etc)
However, winning casino craps hinges on this.

Here's the most important key - To win money at craps: DO NOT gamble with money you can't afford to lose.
If you're planning a trip to Las Vegas, make sure you've been saving a small
percentage of your earnings for a few months.
So, if you lose it, you won't get stressed or depressed.

How to win at craps continues with preserving your bankroll during play

On passing you the chips, the temptation to throw money all around the craps table is huge.
Playing craps needs a certain mindset.
If you feel it's ok to lose $100 because you have another $900 in your pocket - you're doomed to lose.
It's never ok to lose money recklessly.

How to win at craps by playing with the casinos money ASAP

Any money won is technically yours.
But walking away with the same money you came with puts you ahead of a huge percentage of gamblers.
When you win money at craps, use the profits to increase bets, add additional bets, etc.
And, of course, never ever chase bets.
You'll never win a craps table by doubling your bets on every loss.
So much risk to win pennies is a surefire way to lose money.
Doubling on wins without any profit is just as destructive - since the house has the edge.

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How to win at craps requires having craps betting strategies that effeciently utilize profits

Let's say, you bought in for $100 at a $5 minimum table.
You should only bet $5-$12 maximum when you first get your chips.

Lock in a "padding" of profit before increasing your bets
This will ensure you walk away a winner (or at least even).
In other words, make sure you have $110-$124 in your chip rack before increasing your bets.
So you have $110 in your chip rack, and a $5 bet on the Pass Line.
If it wins - then go ahead and press.
A better bet, though, would be to keep that $5 win and use it towards odds.
More on that in a minute.

Pressing with your winnings eliminates fears in placing craps bets that'll win big.

The successful craps players know how to win at craps by making each dollar count.
This craps money management method of play can increase your profits exponentially, and
adds little to no risk to your bankroll.

Winning craps strategies that may help you walk away a winner…

To learn how to play craps and win, you must understand that all craps systems fail. (Ironic, I know)
By itself, betting craps a certain way won't win against any casino - especially craps online.
Hopefully, you'll know how to win at craps by using these craps tips and lose as little as possible.
To really know how to win at craps, the craps probabilities needs to be physically and mathematically
manipulated with some sort of dice control. (And that's just the beginning)

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How to win at craps: Craps Betting Strategy #1 - Use craps rules to your favor

Taking odds is the best bet in the house - period.
Without a doubt, playing odds is the best winning craps strategy by far.

But understand, even 100X doesn't eliminate the house edge as seen in this wizardofodds craps chart:
Combined house edge on the line and taking odds
Pass Line House Edge
Don't Pass Line House Edge
Full double odds0.572%0.431%
3-4-5X *0.374%0.273%

Nonetheless, it's still the best bet in the casino.
Every casino has varying craps payout for the odds.
* - The typical playable odds is 3X,4X,5X in most casinos.

The best way to play craps is bet either the Don't Pass or Pass, and then Lay/Place odds.
The more odds played in the Line (Pass/DP), the less the house makes - however, you can still lose.

Using the craps money management method I mentioned above (Ex: Buy-in at $100 @ $5 Min)...
  1. Bet the minimum ($5) on either the Pass or Don't Pass Line at first
  2. Once you reach $120, use $5 for the Line bet; and once the Point is set, use the other $5 for odds.
    (Adjusting $1-$2 to make proper odds)
  3. If you win, keep the $5 Line bet, your original $5 Odds bet, and press with the rest of your odds payout
  4. Press till your odds are maxed - then start increasing the Line bet, and in turn, the odds
  5. If you lose, just return to a minimum $5 bet
This lowers risk to your original buy-in, and maximizes your profits to its best potential.

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How to win at craps: Craps Betting Strategy #2 - Place Bets:
Playing craps on more than line bets only

Not the best bet when you want to play casino craps.
However, it's not the worst. Just play it intelligently.

Don't fight the rules of craps and it's very precise mathematics if you're a dice shaker.
One thing that boggles my mind is when people Place bets on all the numbers,
and just press (increasing an existing bet) on the last number that rolled.

This is such a bad idea unless the person shooting the dice is a dice control shooter.
Even if he/she's not good, this person might repeat more numbers than someone shaking the dice.
(Learn more about how to shoot craps and dice control basics).
But if the shooter is shaking the dice like he/she is making one of those fruity cocktails,
then simply pressing the last number is bankroll suicide.
You'll never win casino craps in the long run (and likely not in the short run either).

Pressing your bets intelligently is one of a few little known craps secrets.
What to do with your craps payouts:
  • When playing the Line (Pass/DP), with odds, always use your Place payouts to press your odds to its maximum
  • If you're betting 6&8, inside (5,6,8,9) or across (4,5,6,8,9,10) - press only the numbers with
    the better odds of actually winning
  • You can use the extra $1-$2 that comes from winning along the way to press the 4,5,9,10 -
    but mainly concentrate on pressing the 6&8
  • Don't press endlessly! Take some profit along with each press. You must move forward
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How to win at craps: Craps Betting Strategy #3: Proposition Bets -
Gambling in its pure form, but if you must...

Let me go on record saying that if any of the craps betting systems out solely encourage proposition bets - run!
Some of these bets are so bad, you might as well go play roulette. (Please don't do that)5
You could use the craps bet as a hedge bet for your Pass Line bet.
It costs $1 and pays $7. So if, during the Come Out roll, you roll a craps, you make $2 profit.
A 7 or 11 will win you $4 ($5 - $1 craps bet).

In the case of Proposition Bets (Prop Bets), only bet them if you're well into profit,
and $1 won't hurt all the progress you made to that point.
If you're a Dice Control Shooter, and craps is one of your high probabilities, then by all means take advantage of it.
I once started with only $1, then won $90 within 3 rolls of gaining control of the dice.
In a casino,craps strategies are a dime a dozen.
So don't listen to others giving you bad advice on these bets.
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Now that I've given you some helpful craps betting strategies, you know a little more on
how to win at casinos and how to win at betting.

If you learn anything from these craps tips, know that no betting system works forever.
Eventually, the casino wins if the dice roll according to normal craps probabilities.
The only way to win craps with any consistency is by changing the craps probability.
Then you can truly begin winning at craps.
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