Craps Lessons FAQ

Q: Is this a new betting system?
A: Nope. Betting systems alone will never work in the long run. I used to work with some of these mathematical geniuses in the casino industry. They’ve thought of every angle – trust me.

Q: I’m new to craps… Is this difficult to learn?
A: Not at all. It doesn’t matter what level you’re currently at, I’ll take the intimidation right out of the game by empowering your play in a relaxed safe environment.

Q: So is this Dice Control/Dice Influence?
A: Mainly – yes. It’s the same basic concept – with some radical and scientific differences. I’ve studied under Golden Touch Craps and PARR. All awesome schools.
But the Penduluum swing is very well known now. And the moment they see you getting into position – they’re on you. Especially if you start winning.

I also learned from the Dice Coach. He opened my eyes to use whatever throw you like – just as long as it’s consistent. I took that concept and evolved it to what I’m teaching now.

Q: So if this is Dice Control, why should I learn from you. Especially since I already know all about Dice Control?
A: Well, to put it bluntly, you wouldn’t be reading this if you were doing great with Dice Control. I have a completely different teaching style than all the rest.
Besides, Dice Control/Dice Influence is only part of the secret. Along with dedicated, one-on-one private coaching, I customize lessons around your ability on a weekly basis.
Once you’ve reached a certain point, I use software I developed that mathematically analyzes your particular throw, and shows you what sets to use and when.
I’ve bought and used all other software out there that claim to do the same – but realized all their limitations; which is why I designed my own.

Q: Is this throw analysis software available for sale?
A: Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s reserved only for my students at this time. Don’t know if I’ll ever release it to the general public.

Q: If you could make so much money with craps – why aren’t you a millionaire by now.
Why are you just teaching it?
A: Well, I hate to burst anyone’s bubble. But it would be pretty difficult to become a millionaire playing craps. The amount of attention you’d get along the way would be dreadful.
Once, at Treasure Island, I was having an awesome roll turning reds to blacks and more. MID-ROLL, the pit boss changed out the dice on me with a fresh new pair.

Unheard of, right?

You have to be smart about it, and I’ll teach those strategies as well.

Well, fortunately, I’m even better with brand new dice, and kept the roll going another 20 minutes.
My point is they try and stop you along the way – even yelling sometimes.

My personal reason of why I’m not doing it professionally is because I’m devoting my time to my other
businesses, and winning at craps consistently takes a lot of practice.

Q: Can anyone do this?
A: Yes. Any person that has the ability to play craps has the ability to learn what I have to teach. But it does require practice.
So just like any musical instrument, golf game, etc; without practice – you simply will not get better. And as a result, you won’t be able to win consistently.

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