How to Play Craps: A crash course...

How To Play Craps Tutorial

Learn how to play craps in 5 minutes or less with this casino craps game I created

Casino Craps Game Instructions:
  1. Choose Craps Lesson 1
  2. Follow the instructions below the craps table picture and learn the craps payout
  3. Move through the rest of the lessons and the craps instructions
  4. Read additional rules for the game of craps in the charts below
  5. And remember, without dice control,craps can't be defeated
  6. Enjoy!
Interactive Craps Lesson
Choose a lesson:

Craps Lesson 1: Playing the Pass Line/Don't Pass Line (choose one:)

Learn to play with Odds? (Choose 'No' first if confused):


  point button off  


Payout Chart:
This Wins:This Loses:This Ties:
blank blank
Here we go!
In the casino, you do this when you first walk up or there's a new dice shooter.
Action to Take:
I'll place the bet for you - but in a casino, you'd do this part yourself.

NOTE: If you're the shooter, and the button is 'OFF', you must place a bet on either the Pass Line or the Don't Pass Bar
Payout Summary - Pass Line
Pass Line1:1$5 Wins $5

PointOddsPayout (1X)
42:1$5 Wins $10
53:2$6 Wins $9
66:5$5 Wins $6
86:5$5 Wins $6
93:2$6 Wins $9
102:1$5 Wins $10
Payout - Dont Pass Line
Dont Pass1:1$5 Wins $5

PointOddsPayout (1X)
41:2$10 Wins $5
52:3$9 Wins $6
65:6$6 Wins $5
85:6$6 Wins $5
92:3$9 Wins $6
101:2$10 Wins $5
Payout - Place Bets
Box #OddsPayout (1X)
49:5$5 Wins $9
57:5$5 Wins $7
67:6$6 Wins $7
87:6$6 Wins $7
97:5$5 Wins $7
109:5$5 Wins $9

Note: Flip odds for Lay bets
Ex. $9 Lay Bet on 4 Wins $5
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