Craps Rules and Etiquette

Craps Rules

This section contains rules for craps’ game etiquette and correct procedures.

For more rules regarding craps rules for betting and throwing see:
How to Play Craps & How to Shoot Craps

There are not many specific craps game rules regarding proper etiquette in casino craps.
If you play craps online, free craps games on the computer, or play street craps,
rules for etiquette are not necessary.

If you do play craps at the casino, you will eventually learn that there are proper procedures and rules of the game.
You cannot learn some of these rules without exposure to a live craps game or without reading about them.
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Before you play casino craps, you should read the following craps rules for etiquette:

  • When you buy in for chips while a craps game is currently being dealt,
    you should NEVER put your money down while the player has the dice in their hands or
    if they are rolling the dice.
    The best time to bet is when the dice are in the middle of the table.
    Everyone wants to win at craps, so if your disruption results in the sevening out of a craps game,
    rest assured, you will get blamed for it.
  • If you are playing the pass line at the end of the craps table where the shooter’s dice have to land,
    make sure to set your chips in an organized fashion.
    Do not stack chips in small denominations if you can place a single chip that is equivalent to that amount.
  • When you make a bet that the dealers have to place for you, throw it in a manner where
    the chips will land near that section.
    The dealers will be friendlier if your chips don’t fly all over the craps table while you are betting.
  • Do not put your hands on the craps table or make late bets.
    If you must make a bet right before the shooter’s dice roll, drop the chips down fast and in a spot
    where it will not cross the path of rolling dice.
    You can yell out the bet you want to make, and the dealer will either call the bet and let it stay,
    or they will say “no bet”.
  • If you are playing casino craps do not take a long time to shoot the dice.
    If you have a craps strategy such as setting the dice, you must do it fast or
    the craps table players and the dealers will get impatient.
    Remember, in casino craps, the house will always want to keep the dice rolling because
    that is how they believe they will make more money from your gambling.
  • If using Dice Control, make sure not to swing your arm right in front of the stickman's face (they hate that)
  • Always be aware of craps payouts. Every casino posts the craps odds payouts and
    minimum and maximum bets on the sides of the craps table.
    If you are unsure of the payouts, you can always ask the casino dealers or pit bosses for the payout rules.
  • Do not pick up your chips from the craps table without making sure that the dealers paid your bet correctly.
    If your bet was not paid or the payout was incorrect, it is your responsibility stop the game before the
    shooter rolls again.
    Remember, gambling is gambling, so there is no reason for you not to get paid properly when you win money from the casinos.
  • Even if you bet the Don’t Pass Line when you play craps, NEVER say the word “seven” while
    a player is rolling the dice after the point is on.
    The majority of players have a craps strategy which involves playing the Pass Line in hopes that they will
    win the craps game.
    A seven means they lose, so if you say it, they believe you want them to lose the game.
    This can create tension at the craps table.
    Even in casino craps, the dealers and pit bosses will never root for a seven while you are throwing, and
    they will avoid passing you the dice with a combination of seven showing on the top.
  • If a player holds onto the dice for a long time, it is nice to cheer for the player,
    but do not shout relentlessly at the player to throw certain numbers you are betting on.
    If a player sevens out after a good roll, you can clap, high five, or tell them they did a great job.
  • Even if you lose the craps game, before you leave the table, it is customary to leave a tip for the dealers.
    You can also make bets for the dealers or let them control their own tip bet.
    If the dealer wins the bet, they can choose to take the money.
    Also, if you want the dealers or stick person to modify the game for you
    (such as moving their stick out of the way while you shoot dice), then you can throw down a tip for them.
    They will usually meet your needs and be more positive if you give them a small gratuity.
  • Avoid smoking at the craps table. It can serve as a distraction for other craps players.
    Craps is a game that requires players to stand real close to one another,
    so it is not easy for a player to move to another area of the craps table if you are smoking.
  • Underneath the craps table, there is a ledge to set your personal items and drinks.
    Never drink over the craps table, unless you want to buy the casino new felt for their craps table.smiley (j/k)
  • If you receive a drink from a cocktail server during the craps table,
    make sure to tip her for the drink, or she might delay/ignore getting another one for the rest of the game.
  • If you need to use the restroom, but you don’t want to lose your spot at the craps table,
    you can ask one of the dealers to hold your spot and watch your chips.
Just keep these simple craps rules in mind, and you'll have a great time with all those around you
as all of you try to beat the casino.

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